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Day trips:Dead secret of Kostomarovo + Voronezh «Athens»

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Price (Adult):
2677 rub.
Price (Child 12 y.o.):
2577 rub.
Duration of the excursion:
9:00 am
Duration of an excursion:
11-12 h
Level of complexity:


  • LIGHT – for all group of people
  • NORMAL – for all group of people, but have a note! Might be some rocky areas during a trip
  • THE HIGHEST RANK OF COMPLEXITY – for almost all group of people, but this kind of route is supposed to be more difficult because of rocky areas and walking trips on a long distances

Adult: 2677 руб.
Child: 2577 руб.
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Exciting and at the same time educational excursion to the origins of modern man. The Archaeological Museum Kostenky was built on a place, where were found bones of mammoth, which lived there more than 20 000 years ago. The museum keeps a lot of different ancient artifacts. These are tools, and figures of a pregnent woman (a symbol of the continuation of life), as well as a variety of houshold items. They are priceless and the only evidence of the longest era in the cultural development of the human race on the Earth.

We will visit the unique cave temple complexfemale Orthodox monastery (XVII century) in Kostomarovo. During the visit of Spassky Monastery in Kostomarovo, we will see: Mount Calvary  with a memorial cross, Mount Tabor, and a sacred spring Kidron. According to some sources, the first Christians who lived there had come to this land in the first age AD and started to form the cave monastery. It has 8 caves of different length. Today it is the only remained cave in the central region, which is the Christian church with two altars.

We invite you to visit a small, cozy country town Ostrogozhsk, which was founded in the middle of the XVII century and became a famous cradle of significant figuries of Russian culture, science and art. Nowadays, people call it "Voronezh Athens". The life and activities of numerous representatives of Russian culture are connected with this country town, such as, a philosopher Nikolay Stankevich, world-famous painter Ivan Kramskoy, a poet Samuil Marshak, a writer Gabriel Troepolskiy. During our city tour we will see merchant houses of the XIX - early XX centuries, that create incredible town image.

Then we will visit the house-museum of the great Russian painter Ivan Kramskoy, the place, where he was born and spent his childhood. Next we will visit Museum of History and Art devoted to I.Kramskoy, which was founded more than 100 years ago.Among the original masterpieces of Ivan Kramskoy, you can find original pictures of other famous Russian painters such as Repin, Makovsky, Aivazovsky,Volkov, Ivan Shishkin and others. Among some masterpieces of the collection of the Art Museum you are able to see «Judas Iscariot in the Gethsemane»

If you need a translator or english- speaking your are able to request it additionally.

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