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Multi-day tours:Unforgettable excursion to Voronezh Divas and Palaces

Tour language:
Price (Adult):
12997 rub.
Duration of the excursion:
15:00 pm
Meeting place:
Lenin Square (near the Library of Nikitin)
Duration of an excursion:
3 days/ 2 nights


  • LIGHT – for all group of people
  • NORMAL – for all group of people, but have a note! Might be some rocky areas during a trip
  • THE HIGHEST RANK OF COMPLEXITY – for almost all group of people, but this kind of route is supposed to be more difficult because of rocky areas and walking trips on a long distances

Adult: 12997 rub.
Child: rub.
Tour available
Tour: Unforgettable excursion to Voronezh Divas and Palaces - available
Duration (days/nights): 3 days/ 2 nights
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Adult Child Adult Child
Holiday Inn Express 3* (standart room) 12997 rub. 12897 rub. 18337 rub. 18237 rub.
HAMPTON BY HILTON 3* 12997 rub. 12897 rub. 18337 rub. 18237 rub.
Mercure 4* (standart room) 14987 rub. 14887 rub. 20477 rub. 20377 rub.
Degas 4* 13704 rub. 13604 rub. 19552 rub. 19452 rub.
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Price of the tour for 1 adult: 12997 rub., price of the tour for 1 child: rub.
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Route: Voronezh -  Palace complex of Oldenburg’s - Mansion of Venevitinov - Pavlovsk - Belogorye - Kostomarovo - Divnogorie (open-air museum) - Palace complex of princess of Oldenburg - Voronezh (city tour + current historical copy of "Gott Praedestinatio" ship


You will visit the only in the Central region of Russia Palace complex which belonged to great-granddaughter of Mary Françoise-Josephine (wife of Napoleon I Bonaparte) Princess of Oldenburg Eugenia.

The Unique Palace in an old English style was built in the  XIX century. The princess was an outstanding and active person, she was living an active life, constructing the first Russian steam factory of sweets and chocolate, its products had an international recognition having won a lot of international competitions. Some recipes are still being used to prepare chocolates at Voronezh confectionery factory. 

Then , we will visit the mansion, which belonged to the famous poet and philosopher, a close friend and relative of Alexander Pushkin, Dmitry Venevitinov. He was such a talented person, some experts even thought that he was more talented than Pushkin and had predicted a glory to him, which would be even greater than glory of Pushkin, but unfortunately, he was dead when he was young.


Dockyard Pavlovsk - Cave monastery Belogorie Pavlovsk - Belogorsky cave monastery

We offer you one of the most popular, attractive and exciting excursions among tourists to Belogoriye. Many legends and tales envelop this mysterious place. Belogorskiy cave monastery, was founded in the XVIII century. The length of the unique cave temple complex more than 2 km.

Then, we will visit a beautiful and original city Pavlovsk, where at the beginning of the XVIII century by order of Emperor Peter I was built a bill of sale - dockyard Russian Fleet. We'll have a trip along the most beautiful streets of this cozy town, which is included in the list of historical cities of Russia. Depending on the season, there is an excursion on a boat.

The city was founded in the year 1709 by the Peter I as a f o r t r e s s a n d dockyard. It used to b e t h e c i t y o f shipbui lding and h o m e l a n d o f Russian Navy. In times of the Peter I people called this city "Young brother of Saint-Petersburg"

Complexity of the route: THE HIGHEST RANK OF COMPLEXITY


We will visit the unique cave temple complex:  female Orthodox monastery (XVII century) in Kostomarovo. During the visit of Spassky Monastery in Kostomarovo, we will see: Mount Calvary  with a memorial cross, Mount Tabor, and a sacred spring Kidron. According to some sources, the first Christians who lived there had come to this land in the first age AD and started to form the cave monastery. It has 8 caves of different length. Today it is the only remained cave in the central region, which is the Christian church with two altars.

Then we move to the natural temple museum-reserve Divnogorie. Here we will visit a temple of  Sicilian Icon of Mother of God (XVII century), some remains of a medieval fortress “Majack”  and necropolis (IX-X centuries), as well as a natural wonder - Chalk Diva. On the top of the hill opens a breathtaking view upon the River Don and its valley.


Excursion to “Palace complex of princess of Oldenburg”

You will visit the only in the Central Black Earth Region palace of Imperial family, granddaughter Francoise Marie-Josephine (wife of Napoleon I Bonaparte), Princess Oldenburg's Palace. The Unique Palace, that was built in the  XIX century. It is registered as an object of Russian cultural heritage. In 1879 Tsar Alexander II gave the estate of Ramon to the Princess Eugenia and the Duke of Oldenburg as a wedding gift. In 1883 they commissioned construction of the palace, in red brick, in the style of an English Gothic castle with gatehouse.

Princess was an active woman, so, she has founded in our region the first Russian steam chocolate factory, products of her factory had an international recognition. Some recipes are still used at Voronezh chocolate factory. 

Excursion: Symbols of the capital of the Central Black Earth Region

Bus-walking tour over the most beautiful places in Voronezh city. 
Excursion begins with a visit of the current historical copie of "Gott praedestinatio," Russian battleship of the times of Peter the I. Next, we will visit some significant and legendary places of Voronezh, to know more about famous people who lived and left their mark in the history. Voronezh land gave to the world such an outstanding writers and poets as A.Koltsov, I.Nikitin, Bunin, A.Platonov, D.Venevitinov and others.

The city has a rich heritage, the great military history, religious shrines and modern image that harmoniously combined, creating a unique memorable appearance of the capital.

Complexity of the route: Light

Cost of the tour per person (accommodation included): 





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Holiday Inn Express 3* BB
(standart room)







(standart room)







Mercure 4* BB
(standart room)







Degas 4* BB







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